The Legend Of Link

by Ganing
The Legend Of Link
You've heard of the legend of Zelda... but what about the legend of Link?
The Legend of Link. A base defense game created for Yut Put's Zelda game challenge but has expanded widely beyond that.

-Version 1
-Version 2(2/10/10)-
--All Enemies Move
--Added Help File
--Fixed A Few Bugs/Glitches
-Version 3(2/15/10)-
--Attempted To Fix Bug (believe it still occurs sometimes)
--Added Difficulty! (Noob, Very Easy, Easy, Medium, Hard, Very Hard, Speed Metal Hard)
--Added Bosses For Each Difficulty!
--Added 7 Medals (for completing each difficulty)
-Version 3.1(2/15/10)-
--Fixed Runtime Errors
--Tweaked Gold System
-Version 4(3/15/10)!-
--35 More Medals
--2 New Maps! (Each with 14 medals!)
--(Lol it's been a month since I looked at the code so this is all I know)
-Version 4 Special(11/9/11)!-
--New map!
--More Classes
--Possibly Different Maps (50/50)

-37 Waves
-6 Bosses
-42 Medals
-3 Different Class Types
-3 Maps
-Fun Gameplay?
kinda gay.
HarvestReaper wrote:
kinda gay.

How exactly does a game have feelings for the same "gender" of another game?
Original-Speed Metal Hard Lvl 38 Boss crashes the game. Stony Field has invisible enemies that aren't seen, thus get past the Links. Otherwise it's an addictive piece of work I fell in love with.
Oh really? I guess I will open this thing up and possibly update it later! Thank you. :D
The Legend of Zelda IS ABOUT LINK! So there is no purpose in this game.
Zamio wrote:
The Legend of Zelda IS ABOUT LINK! So there is no purpose in this game.

But this is the Legend of Link... there would be no purpose if it was called Legend of Zelda for Zelda isn't in it.
You're welcome, but thanks for making it! It's really good for a brain teaser, considering you have to truly think about what Link to get and where to put each one at each time. That's why I love it so much . The brain challenge is a liitle too much to resist!!