Operation Eagle

by Hiddeknight
Operation Eagle
A co-operative campaign shooter game, with AI opponents. Text Mode Compatible!
You can enter buildings, snipe from rooftops, advance through the streets to get to the extraction point, all the while fighting with guns!

This game is text mode compatible! Try it for yourself.

Subscriber features (In no way are all of them done)

Spec Ops Class : Recieves a higher powered weapon (M16)
Driver Class : Spawns with only an MP5N, but also creates a Jeep(with a turret). Non-Subs can get into the jeep.
Cyborg : Starts with the hughest armor and TWO Experimental pistols. Ideal for smaller maps, as it can carve through everything.
Tank Driver : Spawns a tank, like the jeep. Has a turret and a driver/turret that shoots rockets.
They look a cooler black, instead of the dark green.
They can join the game even after it's started.

Current game modes :
Document : Collect a document from somewhere on the map, and get it safely to the evac point.
Assassinate : Kill a terrorist leader, and get to the evac point.
Deathmatch : See who can rack up the most kills! With 10000 ammo of every gun and infinite respawns, you can't lose! Although you can not gain experience.
Hostage : The terrorists have taken one of your generals. Recover him and get him to the Evac point ALIVE! This is one of the toughest modes, and everyone gets double EXP if they live.
Escort : You need to provide safe escort for 5 commanders. Three must make it alive, or you fail. You get a bonus EXP point if all commanders make it alive.

The last mission is in. Complete all missions(Short, Hard, Streets, Bunker, Labs) and you will have access to the Last mission. You will have to storm an occupied bunker to kill the terrorist leader, and escape.