Naruto: Dark Shinobi Ascension

by SuperCoolGuy777
Older Jinketsu; just released! Regularly updated, and good staff, give it a try!
This new Jinketsu has something most do not, updates regularly. Not only do we update consistently , we have great and fair staff. We do not have an over population of staff either. Some updates to look forward to are : New Villages, New Jutsus, New Clans, Updated Jutsus,New Training Methods, a unique Bijuu System, New Orgs with many more! Come try it out and have fun!

If so you find, any bugs/errors, be sure to bring it to a staff members attention so that we may work to fix the bug.

Rules -
1.Respectful towards players as well Staff. Result if the rule is broken : Mute.

2.No abusing. IF you discover a bug, report it to staff, don't announce it. Result if the rule is broken: Boot/Wipe/Bann

3.No Multi-Keying. Unless it's two different people. Result if the rule is broken: Boot.

4. No EZ Training. Meaning, no AFK Training, using Macro Recorders, or using a item to hold the keyboard key down. Result if the rule is broken: Boot/Wipe/Bann

5. Please don't continuously bug the Staff for a position on Staff. Our Staff observes how well the player is on the game, and how well they react with the other players.

6.Do not talk in all Caps. Result if the rule is broken: Mute

7.Don't Spam the OOC with stuff. Result if the rule is broken: Mute

If there is something you don't like about the game, feel free to post suggestions, or bring to Staffs attention.

Current Staff:





I was wondering if you would mind if i try to do something with this game you will have all rights to it but i just cant see it go to waste.
If anybody would like to buy this, I'll sell it to you for cheap.