by Vermolius
PvP tower defense RTS
Efencea is a two-player versus defense game. There are two factions that players may choose. Robots and Aliens, which are green and purple respectively. The two players take turns creating waves which the other player must defend against.

"The game features beautiful, stylized art by Tayoko." - ACWraith

"Efencea has a unique graphical style based on “silhouettes” , we use this style to provide players with a variety of content in little time. The colors serve the purpose of easily distinguishing factions or players from one another." - Tayoko

This release is merely to help us test the game. All bugs found should immediately be reported on the Efencea Forum in the appropriate category ("Bug Reports"). There are only two actual play slots per server--unlimited spectators allowed. We recommend that new players attempt to spectate for a bit while they read the in game help files (you may also view the help files at my site. Feel free to host your own game if none are available.

There are categories for ideas and comments on the forum.

No single player mode, yet. Sorry.

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