The Infected

by XxBloody NightmarexX
The Infected
A Zombie Game....But not a REO or A Paradise City It's aNew Genre

Welcome this game is a fast action packed survival game based on real life and a RPG all packed into one Zombie game in one BIG CITY FOR A MAP.
Well can you survive?

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XxBloody NightmarexX(Owner,Programmer,Mapper,Iconner,Interface Designer)

Admiral Palleon(Co-Owner,Idealist,Forum Moderator,Tester)

Blade400(Head Admin,Idealist,Forum Moderator,Tester)

The Magic Man(60% for his source.)

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The Magic Man 60% of Source

Hosting Schedule:
Weekends & Fridays 7PM to 4 AM Eastern
First! lol
This is the best "Zombie Shooter" on BYOND! Very good work.
i wanna pklay do i download byond 2 play