Halloween: Terror II

by Ganing
World of cruelty and the overrun of thieves. Get your candy back! The successor to Halloween: Terror.

These 2 aspiring programmers join together to create a tower offense game that will be enjoyed by many!
-Ripper man5 - Programming, Skinning, Mapping, Pixel Art, GFX
-Ganing - Minuscule Work

~The funny thing of programming this, is that I get addicted to it myself, and lose track from what I was working on. - Ripper man5

~I think I was pretty lucky to run into Ripper man5. I will admit, he did most of the work. I really didn't do too much, I wish I could though but his stuff is complicated! Haha, I will contribute where ever I can though in order to support the game. - Ganing
Zomg, medals! =O
Ah, I need to do some stuff too. We shall talk on MSN later. =P
Monster suggestions: Zombies, Trick or Treat kids, Mummies, Scarecrows, Frankenstein, Machines, Ghosts, Narutos, Vampires, Trolls. I'll think of some more later.
-Puts in favorites-
Dinomaster45 wrote:
Grrrr. The picture says it all.


Lawl. Keep trying!