Simple Move

by SuperAntx
Add strafing or diagonal movement to your game in just a few clicks!
BYOND Version:497
Operating System:Windows Vista Home Premium
Web Browser:Chrome 22.0.1229.79
Applies to:Dream Seeker
Status: Open

Issue hasn't been assigned a status value.
Descriptive Problem Summary:
When I change directions really quickly, and keep moving in the direction changed to, my movement animation glitches - it looks like the animation is stuttering and shaking, or resetting rapidly
Numbered Steps to Reproduce Problem:
hold a direction. Tap the opposite direction momentarily.

Expected Results:
Should just play the animation smoothly

Actual Results:
stuttering animation

Does the problem occur:
Every time? Or how often?
99% of the time
In other games?
don't know
In other user accounts?
On other computers?

When does the problem NOT occur?
when I release all directional inputs for a moment before I reverse inputs.

Release all keys for a moment before changing directions.