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hf gl

-Byonds gangsta
Not 100% were to leave bug reports so I will leave it here :/
When you use The Riddler's Staff on someone it says something like "Player is now under your controle." Yes control is misspelled.

I don't think charging a Tazer is possible or I haven't found the way.

Duct Tape seems to be utterly useless.

You should update the Flamethrowers animation if you can.
dude make me a host so i can start the game i want to play it
@ Joesy
Tazer requires a knife to slice the "energy box" open
Duct Tape is used to "glue" limbs back
If only people played this more.
hosting again just to get this popular once again please join
Host the game please or at least let anyone host it if they cant.
I am currently hosting it. You can come and play!