The Elemental Stone

by Pyro_dragons
The Elemental Stone
An ancient power has been unsealed and mana fuels the world yet again. Can you control the mana and master the elements?
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Gameplay 8/10

This RPG allows you to customize your character more than any other I've seen on byond. It has several class and element choices but you can customize what equipment, skills you use to suit your style. For Example, you can be a Warrior class that wears robes and uses a rod or staff as a weapon giving you more of a magic bonus than your basic warriors attack and defence. It's alot like runescape when it comes to skills but there are several to learn and quite a bit you can do with each one. The interface is rather confusing at first and the "Inventory" tab remains a nightmare due to the simple fact you can't organize items in anyway shape or form.

Presentation 8/10

The weapons and armor in the game are beutifully detailed and won't leave you disappointed. Graphics for the different magics in the game are quite colorful and beutifully rendered. The music is well thought out for the different areas in the game. Some of the magic and attacks have sound but not enough of them do. Some sounds for different magics are more annoying then anything else. Graphics and music are top but various sounds need quite a bit of work yet.

Originality 9/10

This game is rather unique in the aspect of having alot to accomplish. Whether you're mining, making furniture for your house, or accepting a bounty that somebody has put out on another player, there's more different things you can do than most byond rpgs.

Overall 9/10

With the many many skills to perform and quests to do, you won't be left bored grinding your customized character to godliness. It never hurts to take a break and do some roleplaying in the tavern once in awhile either. The Mods on the game are very patient and understanding of new players and quite honestly that's a refreshing change from most byond games. If you like RPG's then this will not disappoint you at all.
Why are your ratings in the review different from what you put on the bars?
Oh the presentation thing? That's a screw up. It should say 8/10 and I'm not quite sure how I didn't catch that. lol
SputterNotToto wrote:
Oh the presentation thing? That's a screw up. It should say 8/10 and I'm not quite sure how I didn't catch that. lol

FIXED. Thanks for pointing that out.