Roleplay World

by Yusuke13
Roleplay World
A text roleplay.
Yeah, I suck at anything related to art. Roleplay World could use some hub graphics.

If you would like to create something and submit it here, I would be happy to give the artist of the chosen graphics a free 3 month subscription.

Thanks for reading.
I would help you out,but I have no use for a free sub to this game. I do not roleplay
Well i'm going to win this.

How does that float your boat!
Did i win? where's the rest of the competition, I though if i submit one of my lack luster creations then someone was bound to out do me.. :P
Haha it looks like you will win this Teka. Thanks for participating.
In response to Teka123
Better Late than never!, Nice Game From BlockWorld!

Punkin Head Got Pwned! XD.

Oh holly crap, seeing the 64x64 image i did is horrifying XD

nice banner :D use Brettz!
Thankz LOL.

Woho bring in the GFX lol i'm sure Yusuke will be a lot happier to have a different choice other than mine now lol
I'm not going to start 3D animating for this XD.
I'm sure you will, You will get competitive and end up making soem mind blowing GFX that will make Yusuke gasp in shock and awe. hopefully :)
My offering for the 64x64:

In response to GreatFisher
Love those! except the R is difficult to read :)
it's a 64x64, doesn't have to be legible :P
I thought blockworld pixel art was good enough.
You guys are awesome :)
P.S. ATHK can you update the server you're hosting? That version had a bug not allowing clients to connect. =)
In response to Yusuke13
Yep on it now :)

[EDIT] done, can you page me when you update the zip makes it easier :)
Sure bro. Thanks ;)