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your game crashed D: , x.x ! pokemon the final battle !
how come ur server keep d/cing D: ! and crashing !
where are u x.x ...
Will be on soon on your game , fixing house, 7:49.
your game is down already , about to be home in 1-2 hours D:
hey kliffhanger plz reply to me y u banned me on pokemon quick lightning
hey I could be the new host for pokemon quick lightning if you want im on about 24/7 anyways
Hey Kliff! Since only byond members can post on ur HP game's hub,i can't apply here. So,I want to join to your staff as a Pixel Artist/Spritter,Sound adder.
Kliff its simple idea for generations server but could you add the way to become a majin, from kais simmiliar to majinise? expect the majinise changes you whole race to majin. Like kais created first majin 5 millions years ago, it does mean they can corrupt you since not all of the kais can be good theirselves, for example zamasu in show, or quake in generations.