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Byonds gangsta always gest first >:O

Anyways, Wuzzz gud caution
sup caution...
Hey Cauti0n, I've seen that you recolored the default BYOND Member icon. If you want, I can recolor it aswell to any color your want and not just white. Take a look at my icon if you can, I can almost do every part in another color. Well, if you want me to, reply on my BYOND site.
just an FYI about Darker Legends

it was my company he was talking about and he's only saything that cuz he sucks i hired him on as a coder and he refused to work with anyone cuz he wanted to be lead coder so i was ok but you have to do a lot of work then didn't seem to be a problem but my projects were starting to fall behind so i hired 2 coders on for a Seperate project he wasnt working on and he freaked out that and also i clearly told him that i Do not pay my Workers who work on Byond Projects i do however pay my workers who do work on my 3D Projects as he doesn't work on my 3D Projects he doesn't get paid just thought i'd clear that up and all about him getting fired is a joke he quit and im kinda happy he did since he quit i've gotten 10 times the ammount of work done in 24 hours then he managed to do in 2 months lol
Quaddw wrote:
Please take English 101.

Thanks for the suggestion, but stop trolling.
Stupid Trolls be Trollin in my front lawn. D:<
You better hide your kids, hide your wife, and hide your husband cause they be trollin' everybody out here.
Hey, I finally got back to PHP. Making a really simple CMS/Wiki setup with it now, and it is mostly MySQL database driven, but still needs a lot of work. Once I get further on it, I'll show ya!
Sweet! I've been working extensively on my own custom login system, so perhaps I'll share that with you as well! And we can help each other out. ;)
All right, that'll be cool. I don't know if you know much about MediaWiki (the software that runs Wikipedia and sites like it), but it's a very big inspiration to my own system, but both have their advantages and limitations so far.
Dang, 4 times on my blog. Nice eye. Yeah, it's just how I am - I tend to just write here, rather quickly, so I don't take much note of what words I should trade for synonyms, and if I have used something an excessive amount.
I just clicked 5 ads in hopes to rake in some money for BYOND.
In response to your response...

Your analogy, like any, is open
to interpretation. Yes I assumed
that it was life on earth, and
thats probably because I dont
believe in an afterlife. I never thought that you assumed we were stupid.

As far as evolution being far fetched, its definitely not. Micro evolution is indisputable. Its Macro evolution that creationist argue against. In my opinion, thats like believing in inches but not miles.

Its also very possible to have a hand in both science and religion, although I see religion as unnecessary.

Also, it's impossible to not view any situation with bias. Its how humans work.We react to things based on past experiences. However, I rarely come to conclusions about things quickly, I always think about an argument posed to me unless its utterly ridiculous.

Also, me and jeff came to no conclusion at all. We were just presenting the atheist side of things. It's unlikely this type of argument finds a conclusion for many many years.

I definitely didn't mean to offend you with anything I posted, nor anyone else. I merely wanted to share my thoughts about death, and the beginning of the conversation was hardly about religion.

Its always great when people can debate each other and come out with a mutual understanding.

An undertaking like forming an idea about the universe is best left to the individual. Arguments rarely make any headway in the area of molding minds, it just opens yours to more possibilities.

If I happen to be wrong about the existence of a deity, I hope it'll judge me by the actions of my life rather than the color of my skin. Oh wait, thats another topic XD.

But seriously, thanks for the insight.

Is it okay that this page gave me a boner?
Is it still okay that this site gave me a boner?
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