With the new donation features they have painted a huge target on Teka B)
Thanks so much for everything you have done, and continue to do for BYOND, Teka. You make my everyday gaming routine that much better!
You're making me angry.. Where have you been!? I haven't talked to you in ages. >:/
You're the man, I wish I had that kind of money haha. Thanks for keeping byond alive.
respect for helping keep byond alive
Hey there, I was wondering if you were still looking for a forum/in-game moderator. I would be interested in this position to gain some experience in the online game moderation/customer support field.
Can I have a cool avatar too?
Hey teka well i have my games main designs done on paper was wondering if you would do some art work for me ill pay you of course just email me your rates [email protected]

they are images not sprites i do need sprites aswell tho but i can do most of them myself if your to busy its ok i'm not to rich atm lol i just want to bring a unique game to the table. I also need someone whose dedicated most byond pixel artists or coders arent dedicated to anything
and i owe ya for the times you payed for my membership :) so i could do some art work for you sometime aswell im getting close to your level lol
Hey buddy, i was just wondering if you could sub me and my friend http://www.byond.com/members/GrandYanma we would really owe ya man ^_^ thx
Hey what's up Teka? I rememeber when I first meet you all those years ago, My key was Dannyaoe and i was Dark Kakarott (lol, gold ole dbz days eh man) Anyways seen your a big shot now days and thought that was cool. Im in the middle of trying to make a game so check it out sometime when it's up. (If i ever get it done :P)
Dark Kakarott!! damn that's a nostalgic name :D, It's good to hear from you again and sure I'll drop by! Good luck with your game.. is it dbz lol :P?

Well I'm still me, probably just as immature as i was back then, but i can type a little better!
Hey Cloud, Well thanks :) but i think you presumed a little too much of me, I'm not that nice of a guy :'(, I've only donated around $150 anonymously via other keys and then the rest via this key.

The real person who's donating the big money donations anonymously is Dark Campaigner due to his End of year Event
Oh my god Teka, we haven't spoken in so long, and I recently went on byond to pop around with some old friends. Let's chat sometime mate! Skype's Sushiuu, if you're up for it.

-From your lovely neighborhood fish, Sushi
Hey Teka,
You don't know me and I'm not here to ask for membership or anything. However I have been playing BYOND for years now and recently have been intrigued by developing. I was wondering if you ever had the chance and if you wanted too of course maybe show me a thing or two about Icon, Coding and or mapping? Anything would be awesome I'd just love to learn :)

Thanks man,
Hey Teka, I was wondering how I can get a rejected HUB reevaluated? Been working on a game of mine for a very long time and the HUB was rejected for being a "rip" (which wasn't true), but I've rebuilt the game from the ground up, new programming, new interface, practically new everything. I was just hoping I could have the HUB looked at once more.
Can you bring Bleach Dirge of Chaos back? It was an awesome game!
Yo, whats new, i've been offline for maybe over 4 years. Just came back, i remember you, we use to talk, Well i use to talk with alot of people, Seems not alot of them are active, But your on my friendslist :P
It's been years, but stole your cake. Cake monster.
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