Keywords: ascii, demo, shooter, text
UPDATE: Version 0.1 is out!

Hey all, so I'm slated to buy a membership on Friday and at that point I will post about my two current projects on my own member page. However, I figured in the meantime I'd post a little demo here for one of them.

This is a text-mode shooter that I decided to work on in the midst of a bigger project (which I already posted about in the "what are you working on" thread). I wanted to have a side-project with a short development time...I must say I was partially inspired by Myriad.

Here's a screeny:

This is just a demo including three maps to play on and one game mode. Get it here:

I don't want to get so wrapped up in this that I forget about my other project, but I do plan on adding more stuff:

- Several multiplayer game modes (Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, CTF, etc)
- More maps (dur)
- A much better interface (those default input windows are just placeholders, I promise!)
- Maybe some music
- Some type of scoring/stats system, cuz leaderboards are cool :D

So check it out, tell me what you think :D
Neat demo; I'd love to play this with others.
Very fun game!
Hey thanks for putting up the server, I played with Fugsnarf a few hours ago... a bit laggy at times but I'm working on it :)
Hey, sorry I was doing updates, has servers querying it each login they do so it might not be the best server to host the game on :(
Hey all, just wanted to update because the first version of ASCII is now available! Go to my hub to get it:

I'll be running a server in the near future too, hopefully...