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We're almost done with the recent slew of web updates. There are a couple of items on the docket and then back to real work.

Since we released the new site, with its moderator-based organization, we've gotten some questions and complaints over how certain items are categorized. Most common of these is of the form: "Game X is a rip! Why is it listed?" The answer is that we aren't perfect and are doing our best with the large volume of BYOND hub history (well, I should rephrase, head organizer Teka123 is doing his best). Some things are going to be missed, some miscategorized, and so forth. We will ultimately need the help of the community to set things straight.

To this end, we are releasing an unprecedented view into the BYOND moderation by showing the history of each and every submission, including the admin who dealt with it. This can be accessed via the "Submissions" tab on the Games and Developer pages:

Which will lead to this:

This is just a table showing the item, its assigned color-coded status, and the admin actions. On the far right of each item is a [Feedback] link. This can be used to provide extra information about that item (visit it to see more instructions). It is intended primarily for communication between hub operator and administrator; both will receive hub alerts when posting on that channel. However, other BYOND Members may be free to chime in if they have anything useful to say regarding the items status or potential status.

Hopefully this will help maintain the consistency and integrity of the system. We will rotate moderators as necessary to deal with the workload in an expedient fashion... although if Teka123 maintains his current pace we won't need any help!

Good work on this feature. :)
Ocean King wrote:
Good work on this feature. :)

This is most definitely a useful feature and should hopefully clear up some the misunderstandings.
Looks pretty good, should lead to alot better organization.
Wow, I did not expect something like this to be made. This sort of transparency is pretty much exactly what everyone could use right about now.
I'm fond of the frequent updates. Keep up the good work!
Absolutely brilliant!
Very nice update. :D
In the feedback tab for listed games it says "This game is publcly listed."
Great addition, I just amused myself by reading the reasons why some games got denied. I got a sense of joy from it.
Looking good Tom.
The whitespace between [date] and [submissions] also counts as the submissions link, which I'm thinking is unintended behaviour.

Otherwise, lookin' good.
I like it.
You should totally let some of the anime guild staff volunteer for this. We've been sifting and sorting ripped games for the last few years.
Feel free to leave some Feedback on items you think may be misclassified. If we see users leaving us consistently good information, we could bring them on board. Right now the pile seems reasonably well maintained.
I have a question about this. When leaving comments about games, such as giving information about which games are rips and what they have been ripped from ETC, can the own of the hub remove said comments from that game? Because there is a game on here that I have commented on, and noticed that the comment itself continues to be deleted. I provided the information that the game was a rip, the game it was ripped from and the key of the maker of the original game that it was ripped from. According to the listing you (Tom) were the one who listed this game. I noticed that another game in the same genre was marked as a rip and is not listed even though it also uses the same ripped source code. I think for this feature to be effective. Comments should not be deletable by anyone but staff if deemed not needed or false (if it isn't already set up that way anyway). Below are a list of the games mentioned.

Rip that is listed but is a rip:

Rip that is not listed but uses the same source code: CharmedANewDestinyAwakens

Original creator who's source was ripped and is being used:
Moussifer, that has been fixed. Hub owners cannot delete feedback (although BYOND staff can and any spammy feedback will result in a revocation of those privileges.. usually this isn't a problem for members-only permissions). Please report further complaints within the hub entries.
Thanks Tom that's wonderful. =] I really enjoy this new feature. It is nice to be able to an inside look at how things have been scored and why and to be able to defend or disprove games to help with the classification process.

Keep up the great updates. =]