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Problem description:Hello, Ive recently come across a problem where Dream Maker asks me to compile the project before running the project. "One or more project files is newer than the executable. Compile now?" is what it keeps saying. The thing is that, I have just finished compiling and it still asks me to compile. Just to make sure I wasn't crazy, I compiled like three times consecutively and the same message keeps appearing. I can, however, run the game when I click "Yes" on the pop up message, but I have to wait till the compile finishes. Usually though, I compile and then I run and it is getting pretty frustrating. Any ideas on what could cause this issue?

Whenever you make changes, you need to compile the project before running to see the results of your modifications.
Yes, I know that.

My problem is that I don't make any changes after compiling. I can compile three times consecutively without touching any code or map or icon, and it still asks me to recompile to add "new changes".
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First, make sure that the compilation was successful.

Are the source files from a different time zone? If you check the properties of the file, you will notice that the time stamps are ahead of your computer's clock. I believe Dream Maker checks the time stamps of the files which then causes you problems.

The problem should be gone by itself in less than 24 hours. However, if you like, there are different tools for changing the time stamps available on the Internet.
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Jemai1 wrote:
if you like, there are different tools for changing the time stamps available on the Internet.

For a quick solution just recreate the .dm files and copy/paste from the older ones.
Oh, yes, that could work too.
Yes. 0 errors. 0 warnings. Ive been coding for a couple of months to know how it works. It continues to ask me to recompile with 0 errors 0 warnings,. Although this did start happening when my friend in australia changed some stuff and sent them to me... I no longer have access to my laptop for e night, so ill mess around a bit and check the time stamps tomorrow. Copying and pasting would take forever though.... Theres hundreds of codes written in there...
Spacestation 13 I assume?

Timestamps seem to be the issue I would grab one of those programs Jemai1 was talking about.
As a temporary workaround, you can launch the .dmb from the games directory (From Dream Maker > File > Open Project Folder > double click the .dmb file), or if you have already compiled the game beforehand, selecting no on the "Compile now?" pop-up should launch the game without recompiling.
The issue has been fixed. Thanks for the help you guys!