by Magicsofa
At Symbol Causes Inexcusable Injuries
Special thanks to Lige for coming up with the name!

ASCII is an arcade-style, fast-paced shooter using BYOND's text-mode map format. Can you survive the onslaught of evil characters?

Featuring six unique arenas, a variety of enemy types and power-ups to help you defeat them, and original silly techno tracks to get you pumped!

Compete for the highest score on the leaderboards, and bring your friends to see just how long you can delay your impending doom!

All sounds and music made with SFXR, Fruity Loops 5, and Cakewalk Sonar 2, with the exception of "pvc-rocket-cannon-2.mp3" by bowlingballout on

NOTICE: If you are playing alone, your high score may not be saved if you suddenly close the game. Make sure to end the round by starting a new game - this will ensure that your score gets sent to the leaderboards.
Plans for the future...

This version, which I am calling 0.1 includes a single game mode, Survival, in which players fight AI opponents to survive as many rounds as possible.

This is going to be the only game mode with AI opponents. I wanted to get this mode completed and ready for people to play so that they could get a taste of the game without necessarily having to find a server with enough players (good idea fugsnarf :D).

So, here are my plans for what needs to be added to reach version 1.0:

- Maps. Currently there are six maps, I will bump that up to at least eighteen and I may release a map editor for others to contribute maps (they are pretty easy to make, takes me about 20 minutes for each one)

- Modes. I would like to include the following:
- Deathmatch: free for all frag fest!
- Team Deathmatch: fight for the most kills as a team
- Team Survival: No respawning. Last team standing wins
- Capture the Flag: need I say more?
- maybe more (territories? hostage? who knows)

- Better hosting abilities (players cannot be kicked right now)
- More music tracks, maybe some less annoying sounds

Also, I would love to hear any comments/criticism from the community so that I can improve my game for you! Thanks for playing!

Now I am running into lag issues which I thought I had resolved :( I'm gonna have to un-check "ready for review" until I figure this out
I removed it from the listing because of lag issues, namely a sound proc that was using view() and would cause major slowdown when too many projectiles were flying about.

I have mostly resolved this issue and I should have it listed as 'ready for review' within the next day or so. Thanks for your interest!
Alright, updated to v0.2

I marked it as ready for review, so as long as it isn't rejected this should be a bit more visible :D
I listed it. Very cool game; glad to see people making cool stuff using text-mode despite how limited it is. :)
Wow, this is a deceptively fun game. The mechanics feel great. Also, rapid fire + combo shot = awesome.

There might have been one bug while I was playing: I had just picked up a shield power up, and then got hit by one of the light-green shooters and died instead of losing the shield:
Wave 13 has begun!
You got the Combo Shot!
You got the Shield!
DarkCampainger was killed by a shooter
Game over! All players have been eliminated...
Clearing map...

Anyway, very nice job so far. Very polished. I'll have to try it online sometime!
Thanks for playing and finding these bugs guys, I'll try to address them in the morning
I had few shields and died from signle shoot ;/
Well that was a silly problem: When a mob steps onto a tile containing a projectile, it dies. I didn't include the shield check in that part of the code :)

Updated to v0.25:

- Fixed bug where you died even with shields
- Fixed yellow guy's projectiles not showing
- Fixed runtime error from the bomb powerup
- Minor map fixes
- Fixed enemy AI sometimes not pursuing the player...should I reset the scores?

There was a problem with the melee AI guys seeming to ignore the player. Now that I fixed that they are more aggressive, as I had intended them to be. I guess this compromises the fairness of the score listing, since it was easier before? I dunno - do you think I should change it?

Also, I'm not entirely sure if the multiplayer bug with the stat panel has been fixed. I only tested it on two computers on a network, and it seemed to work fine.
Why isn't this being hosted?! >:(

Best text game ever. Much more fun online.
props to Megablaze for blowing my high score right out of the water :P

Well, I was planning to go to NYC for new year's but I have tendonitis which means my knee is all swollen and I have to stay in bed for the next three days. Which means...lots of time for coding. Hopefully I will be able to complete the Team Deathmatch game-mode, as well as some other additions, by then :D
Updated to version .40!


- Music and sound volumes are now stored in a local savefile.
- Game settings stored on the server machine.
- The .ogg files will now be downloaded from my website, should substantially speed up updating the game. (assuming it works)
- Added some MIDI tracks.
- Added basic administrator features.
- Added custom player colors for survival mode
- Fixed a bug where freeze powerup wouldn't work on all enemies
- Added a new powerup, explosive shot, and a new enemy to go with it :)
- Added two new sound effects
- Added team deathmatch mode! Warning: this mode isn't completely stable, or at least I bet there are bugs I missed. PLEASE let me know if anything gets screwed up!

EDIT: Major issues with multiplayer, sorry guys I GOT TOO EXCITED...anyway I'll fix this problem ASAP
Updated to v 0.42

- I'm pretty sure I fixed the multiplayer-breaking-like-hell bug. Like, 89% sure...
- Added world.status updates so you can tell what mode a server is on

EDIT: now v 0.43

- Fixed a bug that prevented sounds from playing
I'm probably going to sound very stupid asking this, but how do you start the game on single player?
In response to Neosn
Menu in the top left corner. File > New Game
Update: v 0.5

- New powerup
- New enemy
- Free-for-all Deathmatch mode
- Minor fixes/tweaks
- You can now spectate in survival games