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I have some questions about the standalone client and how it integrates with byond servers. I have seen how it was done in NEStalgia, it appears that they created their own server browser. Sow how does one connect using a standalone exe? Is it required that you provide your own way to connect, or can the BYOND hub be used in conjunction with the standalone client?
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I'm pretty sure you have to apply for one or something, and it's connected directly to your hub. It works pretty much JUST like packaging your host files, except it includes a copy of the BYOND software. You can make your own website for it, host it on some random website, or use the hub. The BYOND hubs are just a service BYOND provides so you don't have to make your own site. Also, this should've been in BYOND Help.
This is a question about creating a standalone package for a game I developed, not about using the BYOND software as a player. Thats why I thought it should be here.
Most of BYOND software is for the developer, with the exception of seeker. You didn't reply with any feedback on if my post helped you or not, which is why I assume no one else has replied to this.

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Well thanks for the effort, but anyway I suppose I dont have to worry about this until I get a game listed. I was really looking for information on how to create a server list as seen in NEStalgia. Unless, of course, users can click on the server links in the byond hub, and it will launch the standalone client.
I would assume that server list is done using world export to a file or database then when opening the client it would read from that and display to the user allowing them to choose which server.

Or the other way around when you open the client you ping the static IP's programmed in.

NEStaglia would have static IP's as silks servers aren't player ran and are I assume on shells.

If you were to let players host the first option would be best with reporting done every hour or so to a dedicated server.

[EDIT] I don't think a standalone installs the BYOND:// protocol so clicking the hub may not work at all as it is a standalone client it shouldn't be installing that stuff...
The standalone function of BYOND provides you with the tools needed for the server listing and various other information, like subscription status and key status.