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    FFA_Check(var/mob/M in Entries)
world<<"<font color=red><b>[M] has been eliminated!"
M.tourny = 0
M.AllorNone = 0
goto fight
world<<"Tournament over, winner is:"
for(var/mob/N in Entries)

Problem description: Im trying to come up with a code that checks for players who have died in free for all. When I do it though, nothing happens, and its been pissing me off. Any help would be appreciated.

Best response
I know your heart is in the right place with this and you want to complete it, but you need to take a few steps back and read through the DM Guide.

As for your issue- You don't want to use goto loops, that's for-sure. Then you don't want to base your work off someone else's- especially when it's making a new system.

*Use while() loops, don't call the same proc over and over by sleep() procName(), FFA_Check(var/mob/M in Entries does nothing here.

proc/FFA_Check()//remove the check for a mob here.
while(container.len>1)//don't use a label and goto for a loop
for(var/mob/m in container)//check each mob in the container
if(m.varName)//check each mob's varName variable.
container.Remove(m)//remove that specific mob from the container.
sleep(delay)//ensure your loop doesn't crash the project.
SecondaryProc()//call the next proc to do whatever else you need. This will ONLY run AFTER the len of the container reaches below 2.(1 or below) This SecondaryProc() can simply be a proc to check the winner, if any. OR, you could use it to reset the tournament at a later time.

[EDIT] I saw this yesterday and didn't want to touch it, since it seems you're working on a dbz rip with a tournament code in it. In which case, I don't know why you check the z and not the dead variable. [END EDIT]
Already read the DM guide, and a lot of references. I coded for a few months, stopped from August-December cause of college, and now am back obviously forgetting some concepts. Thank you very much.