Life Update!

So, as most of you should know, I moved back to New York. I had a whole money dilemma but that was all situated thanks to Jon (Youngj), who I still owe a debt too for helping me out (which will happen asap).

Things have been going pretty well, up until recently. Three weeks ago I was diagnosed for Staph Infection, but prior.. I thought it was just a horrible lip swelling, here is a picture I took before going to the Hospital:

It was extremely painful, and uncomfortable.. looked like a Who from Whoville, as one of my friends said lol.

Either way, once I got into the Hospital they said that if I had waited any longer, since the infection was on the worst, and most unclean place on your body, that I could've died within two days with it having gone up into my brain.

So they cut the pimple open, after numbing the surface, a plastic surgeon was doing the operation and I was thankful, so they cut a vertical incision on a pimple below my right nostril, above my horribly swollen lip, in that time I felt an immense amount of puss and blood pouring out of my face. The Dr. began slowly removing the discharge, but to my disdain, began going deeper (mind you he only numbed the surface) which I began to feel, even more as he went deeper into my swelled lip. At this point, where it was most painful, I felt the q-tip he was using hitting my front teeth, as he scraped cavities of puss; then he drained it out with water after about 5 minutes of this excruciating pain:

After the surgery, felt like hell. Soon after this picture, a nurse came into stick me with an IV: I hate needles; which the Dr. failed to do, twice (he also left the two IV's sticking out of my left arm for me to stare at) until he finally got one in my right arm.

To make a long story short, they thought I had Mersa, but kept me in the Hospital for three days so they could get results back, which was extremely boring and filled with lots of pain medication. The results said I had Staph, they gave me antibiotics and sent me home; my bill all together is $3,579.60, with no insurance.


My first bandage attempt, which was extremely failed on my part. The Drs. make it look so easy:

I have one pill antibiotic left, and I'm doing fine; here is an image of a week and a half ago:

My recovery has gone well, I might have a little scar but we'll see in the upcoming weeks. While being bed ridden I've been playing a lot of PS3; Killzone 3 beta mostly, which is incredible. This has also given me a lot of motivation to do artwork, which I'm already on the prowl to do: I haven't found anything solid that I want to do, but I will brainstorm soon.

tl;dr: Get me onto a project.
U are Alive!!!
Holy shit dude, for a second there I thought those photos were shopped.

Anyway, that's a pretty crazy medical bill for something like that. Makes me thankful I have a nurse in the family.
great to see you posting again :D
Get well =)
In Canada, I think the price would have been about $3,579.60 cheaper. I love a country that takes care of it's people. =)
Mikau wrote:
In Canada, I think the price would have been about $3,579.60 cheaper. I love a country that takes care of it's people. =)

Well, I haven't talked to any insurance agencies. I'm gonna wait until I bring my mother up here next week, so I can be given the best advice on insurance. I've been told by friends that I can probably get this completely covered.

But kudos to Canada.