by Jeff8500
A powerful custom prompt system.
This allows you to prompt your users in a not-so-ugly way. It also allows you to create advanced prompts using some built in procs that it has.

readme.txt and tell/show you how to use the library in a vague manner. I will write up a guide to create your own prompts soon.

New features in version 1.3:
  • JPrompt_Master.Interpret and Prompt_template.interpret deprecated in favor of Prompt_template.Transform() and Prompt_template.information.
  • Number prompts work and are built in
  • Made demo less "distasteful", though it's still pretty distasteful.
  • Made the demo popup more towards the center. However, if you wish to position it exactly in the center in your game, that's up to you

New features in version 1.35:
  • Added new "image" args to the procs that generate buttons and labels for added simplicity when creating pretty interfaces
  • Added new "Slider" input
Looks worse, to be honest.
Probably mostly because of the obnoxious colors I chose and because of some weird scroll bar quirks I could never work out.
No, it's mostly because it's just plain ugly. No color scheme could save that big, boxy look.
*coughs* Bad coder *coughs*

Extremely terrible...this will make someones game unattractive. Learn2code properly.
Way to be an ass. Explain what exactly is bad about the programming? Skimming over it again for the first time in years I fail to see any poor programming, other than some procs that could probably be shorter (unless you want to include my poor commenting and naming abilities, which aren't very relevant when it comes to the fact that I initially intended this to be a library and hid the especially obnoxious datum names).

It does look bad, especially with my color scheme, though a couple of the prompts don't look any worse than the default ones (and if the totally square boxes bother you that much, adding the title bar to the prompts and giving them the newer default Windows rounded shape (for most users) isn't that tough).