One Bit

by Yusuke13
A 1-Bit adventure. Collect coins and venture far!
Join the adventure in this 1-Bit world.

You don't have the ability to attack. You must use your surroundings to evade or trick your opponents into defeating themselves.

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Awesome. :)
In response to ZIDDY99
ZIDDY99 wrote:
Awesome. :)

Beat the Ogre then get the sword. The Ogre and Ogre sword will both be gone soon!
if u walk back off the level u dissapear
In response to Bumblemore
:( Elaborate please so I can fix that.
This game is well [crap].
In response to Lordjamex
Lordjamex wrote:
This game is well [crap].

I see it as a poor execution on a good idea. I'll clean it up in the neat future.