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Problem description:

I have been trying to fix this one error but i cant seem to find the problem so im hoping someone on byond can help! heres the code:

var/charactername = input("What would you like to be called?","Name",src.key)
switch(input("Which Character will you choose?","Anime","Naruto (Deidara)") in list("Naruto (Deidara)","Bleach (Grimmjow)","Naruto (Minato)")
if("Naruto (Deidara)")
character = new /mob/deidara()
if("Bleach (Grimmjow)")
character = new /mob/grimmjow()
if("Naruto (Minato)")
character = new /mob/minato()

i have everything correctly indented i believe
and the error that shows up is:loading Official.dme if: missing comma ',' or right-paren ')'

Official.dmb - 3 errors, 0 warnings (double-click on an error to jump to it)

which is the line that says 'if("Naruto (Deidara)"). someone plz help me fix this!
Best response
switch(input() in list())

You're missing the last ).

I swear someone JUST posted about this in a topic, but I can't find it.
Omg thx a ton!!!!