(See the best response by LordAndrew.)
The main part of my problem is i keep getting an error with this attack definition
:       Flying_Thundergod_jutsu_lvl_1()
flick("Flying-Thundergod lvl1",src)
for(var/mob/m in get_step(src,src.dir))
view(m)<<"[src] hit [m] for [Damage] Damage!"

with the .: missing comma ',' or right-paren ')' .: expected end of statement ): expected } location of top-most unmatched {

and on top of i can't find an example of how to create an attack that would move forward x amount of tiles and then return to the same spot, like a boomerang kind of effect if that's possible. If its not, a simple way to make the attack more forward x amount of tiles would help. Thx!
Best response
"[m].Def+7" is not valid syntax. It should simply be m.Def+7, sans the [ and ].

As for your question, you could use a loop and step for projectiles, and for the boomerang effect have it step back towards the player after its moved a certain distance. You'd want get_dist() for that one.
oh ya i corrected the [m] part but i guess i didnt save it and thats why it was making the error. thx