Today I am back, the second of April and one day after Aprils fools day..Including the hurp durp crap I was just coming across over Aqworlds When I got on.. LOL.

Anyways, I am going to put up the Bleach game for others to host at their own demise..just email me
at [email protected] and ask <_<

I will ask you for your byond key and...I will code you in to take care of the game.. I am very busy. so I am sorry I haven't been on much lately..

doubt you would want people calling you -.-
I don't recommend putting your phone number in here. Remove it and post your email address instead; you can then give your phone if the person is trustworthy.
There ...and sorry r r
LOL. Smart move of removing your phone number. I know a few people on BYOND that would harass you relentlessly.. Haha.