Well, I published my second arcade-ish style game today. It's called Jetpack Adventure. I haven't seriously programmed anything with BYOND for a couple of years now, and a small project to get started was just what I needed I think.

The game took about 5 hours to complete(well, 4 hours, and I spent an hour trying to remember how to upload standings). I just hope someone out there will enjoy it.

In Jetpack Adv. you are a very tiny man with a jetpack, and the object is to fly to the end of the game without hitting anything. There are 10 rounds to get through, and I honestly wasn't sure how hard to make it, personally I've only made it through level 5(though I have been up all night).

Anyway, yay, first blog post ever, I hope this will give me the motivation to make something great(not that this one's not great, its just a really tiny game).
reminds me of helicopter game
Youngj52032 wrote:
reminds me of helicopter game

- Should have full WASD control over the jetpack.
- Your collision detection needs some work.
- Thrusting should alter velocity rather than just changing your direction.
- Get rid of the useless file menu.
- Phase out the popups and use interface elements instead.
With my sidescroller library it'd take about 30 lines of code to make this. It handles collision detection for you too.

Thrusting should alter velocity rather than just changing your direction.

To add to that, the accelerations should be constant, not the velocities.

It would be nice to not have to use the mouse at all, especially because the gameplay starts right away.
You can use the spacebar on the menu's.

EDIT: Added pixel collision, and movement is now a bit smoother.