Naruto Blind Spot of the Souls Reborn

by Xlordkiller
Naruto Blind Spot of the Souls Reborn
NBSOTS is back
ID:111919 Ip this server
When is this game coming on :/
I wonder if Hitsuge's okay...
I hope so too :(
i wanna play!!!!!
its cause of some ppl who crashing serv
Natural Energy!!!!!!,but my friend told me the game was off all day '-'
Natural energy needs to be removed asap
Ye, yesterday Hitsuge left game when he was going to sleep and one noob crashed server.. i think Hitsuge wasnt checking server status
Hey, why server is off? Rem should set it up already
its off again...
Come on... Turn its on already
whats going on with the game???
Maybe Rem playing it alone without turning server on xD
I wanted to hit good lvl today
i wanted to play!!!,but when i see the server on i cant enter!
Hey... Hitsuge... if you read this... turn server on... we will tell Rem how to host
Man... Is it joke or sth with that?
I can't load game... 1% take like 15 minutes
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