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Congratz on membership
Wow Madhead your Page is AWESOME :D
do you need any admins or gms in any of your games becuse i would be able to play that role i am fair but respectfull of rules at the same time if you need any one my key is : speedy313
can you get on pokemon finel battle i want to be gym leader or magma leader
have reg
Madhead I need your Help!!! Really Badly Can u Add my new MSN Email And Please Log On i really Need your help i Cant Log On To Byond PLEASE!!>.
Hey Madhead where's pokemon the final game , i love that game , where is it D: ? i thought it was 24/7 please turn on the game soon as possible D: !
where are u D: ! isn't the pokemon game 24/7 ?
game crashed again , where's kliff x.x ..
I agree with Jt D':
are you updating ?
how do you get a house on pokemon final battle
Will u plz on the game i wanna play it D: Man i am too much bored this was the game i was playing now its not hosted i am bored plz host it.
Mad ur done with pokemon reborn?:c plz continue with it
i had so much fun in there D:
im back
Madhead please host it... i really want to play it. Could you tell me why isn't it hosted? Please!
I mean Pokemon battle force reborn... host it, will ya?
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