Internal Ark

by ShadeCyberPlatinum
Hack into the Ark's System and Rescue the Terminal from Ultimate Destruction
First BYOND game where you play as the mouse! Woo hoo!

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NOTE: Not all the features are in, this is only a DEMO! I NEED feedback/comments please! Tell me what you like, what you don't like. ~Thank you, SCP Team

You are the Ark, small data that hacked into a Terminal, there it finds the main system being attacked by Celestial Terminals, viruses sent by the Shadow Armageddon league. This system is the main control for the ARK Ship, a giant satellite that hovers over Platinum. If this satellite fails, the Shadow Armageddon league will be able to unleash shadows all over Platinum.

Your Goal: Stop the Celestial Viruses from hacking into the ARK ship, and save Platinum from the Shadow Armageddon!

How to play:
Since this is the first game to use the mouse on BYOND, read carefully!
1. You ARE the mouse! You do not use the keyboard in this game.
2. To attack a celestial virus, just put your mouse over the virus to delete it. Be careful, some viruses run, other fight back, and others... will take you down with them..
3. AVOID the colorful walls, they reset the round to the beginning.
4. Once a round's requirements have been met, enter the portal to move on to the next program, and receive your reward.
5. You can use the money you receive to purchase a skill at the end of each round.
6. Some viruses require skills to be destroyed, Click on your skills to the right to turn your Ark into a different type.
7. Due to a certain proc that doesn't work like it's supposed to >.> (totally irritates me), Clicking resets the round.
I thought this was fun cant wait to see a bit more done to it maybe a standings on the hub so i can be number one lol

but one thing that does concern me is there no epilepsy warning i would put one on the hub or in the game some were in bold letters
While it is rare, I feel that I should point this out.

When flashing is disabled, the background stays one color for an entire level. Sometimes it becomes the same color as the cursor, making it very very difficult to see what I'm doing.

Nice to see this is making progress, by the by.
Shit man, you revolucioned byond, SHIT, YOU'RE A FUCKING HERO !!!!!!!!!!!!
Xadux wrote:
Shit man, you revolucioned byond, SHIT, YOU'RE A FUCKING HERO !!!!!!!!!!!!

Theres like 3 warnings! And when you press OK, I am not responsible for any blindings that may occur. AND you can TURN OFF the flashing! Dude! LOL!
Very nice game with some nice tunes :D
Very good.
Hedgerow Hall let you play as a mouse and that was made almost ten years ago.