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I would like to start right off by saying that I appreciate the work of the mods for maintaining a high level of respect and good behavior on these forums. I've seen the whole range of forums and I definitely prefer the ones where "thou shalt not post stupid crap" is strictly enforced. Furthermore, I have no anger toward them for deleting some of my posts...

That said, I am a bit confused. I have no idea what the forum rules are, since I have never seen them written anywhere. Perhaps I am just blind? I think I can guess what they are (don't be rude or offensive, don't post about dbz) but it would really be better to have a concrete list of rules to go by. Part of the confusion is that there is no notification of deleted posts, nor is there a reason given. I understand how this would create extra work but I am sometimes left wondering, why was my post against the rules? Since it just vanishes without a trace, without a mod saying "don't do XYZ," I just don't always know.

So if there is no list of rules, I would like to request one. It seems fair to me that everyone be able to view the logic behind moderator's actions (and also, it might make them more consistent).
There's a [Posting guidelines] link just below the Save and Preview buttons before you post.

When your post gets deleted, you'll see it on your Updates.
Ah, of course I forgot about that. Still, it doesn't seem to fully explain mod actions. I feel that some of my posts have been deleted because they didn't contribute 'enough' to the discussion, or because they were not serious enough (despite other posts that I found to be similar receiving no such treatment). Oh well...I will just have to do my best to avoid that, even though I'm not sure exactly what I'm avoiding :/

EDIT: well I can't find the post that I had thought was deleted. Maybe I'm just an idiot and I never posted it :D
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When your post gets deleted, you'll be notified through your Updates. It contains your post and a reason as to why it was deleted.
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Along with what Jemai1 said, if you're ever confused as to why an action was taken over one of your posts, don't be afraid to message us about it.
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Would be nice to have a list of mods either sticky post or each mod named under the sections of the forum they control.
If I were completely new here I wouldn't know who is who, it is nice to know who the moderators are in any forum..
You get a notification of which moderator edited or deleted your post, via pager, and so a contact point for that.
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Yes only when they edit or delete on of your posts.

An even then a week to a few weeks later that page gets removed from notification section anyway....
That's about the point you'd want to know who the moderator is, when they've moderated you. Before that you've done nothing wrong, so it kind of doesn't matter who they are.
I completely agree with A.T.H.K. I haven't got a clue who the administrators on BYOND are, and while I don't plan on getting banned or anything, the users should have the right to know who it is watches over them.
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Thanks, I think it gives the user a bit more respect for those moderators.
Moderators should have a badge icon next to the name, or whatever, which visually indicates they are a moderator.
Moderators used have bolded red text next to their - [MODERATOR] - or something, when they were posting in moderator mode.


This shows that they're a mod.
This does not appear in threads, though. Most people never click on that, I'd imagine.
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You have to find that person first, not all of them post on topics anyway.
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A.T.H.K wrote:
Thanks, I think it gives the user a bit more respect for those moderators.

I completely agree. I for one won't be acting any different around the moderators as I would anyone else, but by allowing us to be in the know on who is a moderator, the community can be better served. Moderators are given their position to help the community, and if one does not know who is a Moderator, how are they supposed to get that help?
Of course, I have never ever see any community without a Staff list, The Moderation Team, or just Moderators link.
That's pretty odd from this community as it had a huge website change and this wasn't taken into account (?)

Correct if I am wrong, talking out of ignorance, my point is that every newcomer would want to have easy access to the most important things when you are new, such as the moderators to whom they will be referring in their first days, well, most likely during their stance at BYOND.

In definitive, it would be nice if the posting guidelines would attract somehow more the attention of people, maybe making its text bold when a member is new, maybe increasing the font<?
I think placing the posting guidelines link in between the text area and the submit button will make it attract attention. Pretty much like where "I have read.." check boxes are always located.