by Kboy33
Fight with BIM's (Bombs) against other players. Survive, Team up and much more!
You have awoken on an Island without any idea what had happened to you. Tucvk into your hand, you have a green crystal like gem...Around your waist, you have a Fanny Pack. Inside are these gleaming silver spheres. You read a letter attached to your stomach. It says "You have to fight to survive. Kill the others on this damned island and pick up their chips. After you collect 5 chips, you should be escorted out of this island. Food drops randomly during the day-time in silver briefcases. You better make sure you eat or you will die"

After realizing you have to kill to survive, you finally begin your journey.

I do not own Btooom! nor am I using this project for any profitable reasons. This is strictly for fan enjoyment.
I think this will be good. Good luck with it, Kboy.
Ty 3; It's more or less finished. I just gotta revamp it and stuff.
**gets the pipe** She says," Come here doggy, doggy. Want a snack?"
**Kboys eyes become big and round. He sits on all fours and starts to scrath himself.**
**walks up towards the dog and as it is scratching itself, I strike a blow to the dog's head. Leaving it senselessly turning the pavement bright red.** She says,"The job is done. Time for cupcakes or maybe ice cream. I'm figure it out when I'm driving. That was a cute dog when it was alive. Oh,'s time is over." **Walks to her exotic fast rolling car, which is a Lamborghini Gallardo Nera made in 2007.**
**Brain rolls across the pavement where it is halted as part of it is stuck under the Lamborghini's wheel. It explodes and the car presses forward, leaving a trail of pink chunks and strings which were similar to worms.**
Lmfao!! I think I may make a HUB just for RPing.