by Masterdarwin88
A truly original card game! Gain karma to create your own boosters!


Yo dude! This looks like a neat game, even though I haven't tried it yet. For now, I'm featuring it on my site =D
Thanks. I really appreciate it.
same, and thanks.
There needs to be a guide of some sort for new players
We plan on making a helpfile soon, or code in an NPC that will go through a tutorial.
Need any help?
Aiken wrote:
Need any help?

Get in-game and find me or Developous.
There are a few accounts that seek to destroy this game, if not more. If push comes to shove, they will be deleted.
I want to try this out. Is it ever live?
Ye. Developous is working on getting it 24/7. Still need to find someone to write up a helpfile on it. I'm too lazy to do so.
Can't Host... but it will rise!