Naruto VS

by Masterralphy55
Naruto VS
A New Original Naruto Fighting game!

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The Team:

Masterralphy55 - Artist
Bravo1 - Programmer
Sean93 - Contribution
Spirte Database - Contribution
LightningNinja91 - Contribution
Suzakou - Contribution


Naruto VS is a new, original amazing side-scroller based game that features great graphics, unique game play, amazing characters, great skill animations, fast-paced combo based combat, smooth environment, constant updates, balanced game-play, and an amazing community!


Movement: WASD
Combat: Arrow Keys
Chakra Charge/Block: S(HOLD)
Use Jutsu: S(HOLD)+ UP/DOWN

Current Characters

and two secret unlockable characters!

More Coming Soon!

hey man pm me if u need a back-up host
i love your little naruto frog banner
Epic shiz.
@DragonicX, Towers; Thanks!
Nice :) What i like about you is that your not like all the other game owners on byond who barely show their faces and who tend to be rude to the people who support then AKA their fans. Imma keep an eye on this game so dont let me down ^-^ (Faved and Fanned)

Kboy33 ^-^
You won't be disappointed!
Oh good cmon i need a new Original Naruto game hopefully this game can be kickass
nice game hope it be great.
Junior 360 wrote:
nice game hope it be great.

No need to hope when it will ;)
Don't Get Too Cocky!

havent got a chance to play it yet :( you guys got a 24/7 host or na? and if not when are the servers up?
Metiphisto wrote:
havent got a chance to play it yet :( you guys got a 24/7 host or na? and if not when are the servers up?

The game is under heavy development at the moment so nothing will be hosted anytime soon. In fact, when the beta comes out, you wont need to have a server up to play. Instead you'll host your own server where you will take 1v1 matches and other people can join in to spectate.

Really, since this is a fighting game there doesn't need to be any servers other than to track scores and statistics, which byond covers automatically.
Then, 2v2 Fights!(Once we get everything together ;))
Couldn't you guys develop a lobby system so multiple servers aren't needed? I'm pretty sure the population count of the servers are delayed,and finding a 1v1 match could be difficult,especially only people who can host will be able to challenge people. Developing a lobby system would be much better,much like how in dragonball tournament fighters (by Inferno L. Flames) made his fighting games a 1v1 or 2v2 style gameplay,with an option to be able to spectate matches. I think this is a much better option.

It will raise the population, but as drawback it will cause more lag.
Anyways It should not cause that much lag for it to be imposible playing.
With a maximum of 10 Fights at once, it would run smoothly.
The problem with that system is that you require a strong centralized server to manage all the in-game events. This includes the display, movement, and the combat, including the flashy combo attacks.

Having more than one battle going on in a single server would cause tremendous lag and ultimately make a poor gaming experience for everyone.

However, I will level with you and offer this:

Instead of just hosting and waiting for players, there will be a dedicated "lobby server" which will be online 24/7. This server will not host any of the combat, at all. Instead it'll be a central hub to view, join, spectate, and initiate the actual combat instances.

This way, there's a centralized hub that you can jump on to find a match, while hosting the game on players system so that the hub server isn't burdened with the task of managing the fights.

Also, if you're wondering why progress as come to a screeching halt, that's my fault, and I apologize for that greatly. A lot of stuff has been going on, I've started a new job and my tight schedule is now constricting me, but it's all I can do to keep things going.

I will try to get some work in tonight but I can't guarantee a lot, as I have work at 8am and I'm in a retail job on Black Friday so I'll need the rest.

Ralphy, if you're reading this, sorry for not responding, I'm usually either away from my comp or really busy with other stuff to chat. If you can, work on making the icons for the characters and I'll throw them in when I can.
Can't wait for private testing :)
hey do you need a host?
No one is ever on >.>
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