by Flysbad

Requirements to play Densetsu
-BYOND Updated to at least v500
-Hardware mode is toggled. Running in Software mode will cause the game to glitch

Densetsu is an open-world, action-rpg game.

Programmer: Flysbad
Programmer: Megablaze
Pixel Artist: BTeKs
Pixel Artist: Neo Berserker

Kyle Sun
Music: Joel Day


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Ha! How do you feel. There's gonna be a statue of me and everything in this game. Aint dat right, Flys ma boi? And I'm the 1st fan! <<Destinyyyyyyyyyy>>
Looking good!
I wanna play!
I'll show support for this. Looks interesting...
This looks pretty good. I'd like to try it sometime. :)
I support, looks fun =D
Flysbad wrote:
Thanks a lot guys for your support! It's really increasing my motivation, knowing people are looking forward to the game! I won't let y'all down {:

It looks like it had art influences from Zelda... Which is cool because I like that style.
In response to Branks
Branks wrote:
It looks like it had art influences from Zelda... Which is cool because I like that style.

Yeah that's correct. Zelda is one of the inspirations for this game.
Nice to see quite a few people taking interest, brings a big smile to my face :).Yeah definitely inspired by classic games that i love such as Secret Of Mana, Zelda Of course, Terranigma, Y's,Illusion Of Gaia, etc, etc, etc... too many to name but you get the idea.
Well I love all of those games and the art style, so I'll definitely be looking forward to this game as well .
Looks promising.
make a 24/7 server
The game looks great it has my support
Thanks A2J2TIWARI,

I appreciate it :) But I have a long... way to go before i even consider myself good.I also love your work I've seen some of it around on pixeljoint.
We've been a bit busy handling life, and we took a break to handle some things. Recently, we've been working on it again.. we also picked up a new programmer to help us out, so we'll see how that goes.

I've been working on the Weapon system, trying to make it each weapon have it's own ups/downs and with the weapon classes (swords, bows, etc..) I'm trying to give them their own "specialty." I've nearly completed the Character Creation system, just gotta add in Hair Colors, and the Shoes selection.

BTeKs, has been dealing with the work life. He's not on as much as he used to be, but he's still been making progress. He's made some new enemies, and he has more enemy ideas in mind. He's made some new base icon states, which requires him to go back and add a few states to all the overlays which is going to take a while.

We've just been taking our time with the game.
yeah we've been taking it slow but still making progress and going at a steady pace.Anyway i made a few enemies recently and here they are! :)

Good work BTeKs, looking forward to the game.
This better be out soon ive been desperate to play , just got back from vacation and first thing I checked was to see if this was on. (On vacation poor me didnt have internet)
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