Rise of Heroes Ultimate

by Jayjay104
Rise of Heroes Ultimate, private server from orginal roh. Battle hordes of monsters through caves, forests, and dungeons while exploring a vast world full of treasures!
Hi everyone who is reading this post ^^

My name is Chaokai, i've worked on Rise of Heroes Ultimate in the past. It was an amature trying to make a fun server to play on but i've come back!

Me and a team of dedicated byond veterans who know how to programm professionally are making a new RoH game all from scratch with optimised performances and lots of awesome new features (more about that later). Though we are making a new RoH with more in it we try to stay true to the original source content material. The first towns are the same towns but with better grahpics, the same area's to level up with some extra field bosses (elites) etc.

Some of the extra features we are adding are:
- Fully functional bank for gold and item depositing (1 tab for shared bank over multiple characters)
- A dynamic party system
- Pets
- Dynamic combay system
- Dungeons (for solo or a party with different difficulties)
- Storyline progression with instanced boss fights
- and much more

Once we have a fully functional beta, we will host it for people to test it out and become involved in the further development.

If people want to follow us on our progress, please contact me and i may create a game hub where i can post updates.
*edit* http://www.byond.com/games/Chaokai/RiseofHeroesUnlimited

Chaokai & Team

Ps. For all the comments about RoHU, i'm sorry if you've had some bad experiences playing the server. As i told earlier i was an amateur just trying to make a fun private server of RoH. The new RoH we are working on will be made from scratch and have a dedicated GM staff etc. to prevent any future problems you may be experiencing in game.
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