Naruto The Ninja World

by Masterralphy55
Naruto The Ninja World
A mindblowing, revolutionary Naruto game!
wut happened?
Did Ralphy became bored of this game again xD?
No,dont worry =] The game probably will have new icons that he has ppl working on thats why its so irregulary hosted...It will be even better in time
Game production is back, stay tuned!
Kabuto,ralphy, it's Joe. I GMd for you guys every time the game went up, dont know if you guys remember me. Super excited to hear the game might be coming back.
I remember you.
Hey uh i remenber when i checked this game ONE day after the server went down... i never got to play this ugh... so when are u planning to put it back up kabs
Damn shame. Loved this game..favorite on byond by far. Wish I could help with it. Would even host if needed.
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