DragonBall Z Ultimate Villains

by Mrfreakanime94
DragonBall Z Ultimate Villains
On Dbz Series Based Game
In This Game you get to choose if you are gonna be a good or bad guy!



Special Thanks To:
Falacy For His Celestial Chaos Adventures Source Wich I Used To Make My Game

Hassanjalil For Helping Me With Stuff
You're game looks awesome. I hope i can test it soon. x3
i need a 24/7 host who i will give gm and sub if he hosts for me.
so can you tell me if you find someon who is 24/7??
I could find someone, but not my host :D
The Sever Closed
well how do u host 24/7 cuz ill do it
Shell VPS? Mrfreak has a VPS but doesnt know how to set it up...
whats shell vps?
i just wanna host so i can play the game lol
you can buy a vps on virpus.com if you can setup server with linux.
Guys My game is now 24/7 =D
yo it says i need to update dreamseeker witch i already did y wont it let me play ur game
it wont let me it says the page is a error
ok got it to work its just now the game is a little mess up lol im frozen for some reason
check the link that i gave to asdcx the 490 byond version one
to play this game download: http://www.byond.com/download/build/490/