by Fushimi
F_Handler is the ultimate tool to manage our games!
F_Handler is a library that brings you the possibility of fully managing all loop-based engines of your game.
This will need a setup in order to do so

- Last Update -v 1.6 (BUILD
Version: 1.6 (BUILD - 05th, July - 2014
** Fixed a design problem about the _handler_add() procedure, where you weren't able to
pass a list as an argument, now this problem has been solved.

** GameHandler/proc/_handler_add() now returns either a list of datums of type /Handler,
or a single /Handler datum, depending on how you called the procedure.
If you passed a list (Meaning your intention was to add and create more than one Handler at once), then you will get a list.
If you passed a type, id and tick_lag arguments, then you will get a single /Handler datum containing these variables.
NOTE: The datum the procedure returns is stored in GameHandler/var/list/_handlers[], be carefully to not manually add the
returned datum to said list again.

** GameHandler._initialize() and Handler._initialize() now returns either TRUE or FALSE, on success/otherwise.

** No errors will be thrown at initialization to the world.log if the DEBUG flag is not defined. This is a security measurement.

** _handler_activate() now triggers every (world.tick_lag + handler.tick_lag) instead of (handler.tick_lag)

** Multi-Handler demo changes:

(*) Modified all the documentation with a lot more comments and explanations, I included a few advises to keep in mind
when working with the library.(*)

(*) Modified the method used to define new handlers at initialization. You will now use _handler_add instead of
manually creating the object. This now also shows you how to manage exceptions when a creation fails.(*)

(*) SEE multi-handler demo/demo.dm

** Custom Handlers demo changes:

(*) Modified handlerReaction() accordingly to the last updates. It now takes an ID too.

(*) Introduced a few more comments, and modified some that where phased out.

(*) Modified the initialization of the GameHandler datum. It was phased out. It is now up to date.
It also includes two examples of how to manage initialization, one using a list, and another an if() statement.

(*) SEE custom-handlers/demo.dm

Any bug, issue or concern with the library please feel free to let me know.