Naruto Fallen Vengeance

by Ganing
Naruto Fallen Vengeance
A revival of the long, lost game... Recoded, Redone, Renewed. Enter the future Shinobi world, and lay your mark on history.
Lets go! BYOND wants this game back, you can do it by next spring!
man, bring this game back, PLEASE!
In response to Surik102
Surik102 wrote:
man, bring this game back, PLEASE!

Game is progressing well!
Yoo this game brought great memories tbh...
In response to Syxoul
Hope you're ready for more ;)
yes i've been waiting for years for this to be back
so hows progress ?
Things are going pretty well, we are working hard!
any updates ganing???
Yep! Working on a clan right now actually. I finished college so I have a bit more free time!
If the project is still alive, I'd love to help get it back online.
Dropped out of a university Computer Science program a couple years back ($20,000/yr was too much) and doing a programming diploma in community college now (more for the papers).
If you're interested in taking on another programmer, it's easiest to reach me on Discord - Sartorian#4374
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