Bleach: World-Wide Adventures

by Critical172
Bleach: World-Wide Adventures The Original Bleach WWA Ichigo's new bankai! (dual wield zangetsu), vandenreich, and Zaraki's Shikai! Updated DailyPvP-mmorpg style Bleach game, Bleach online! not naruto
i guess we will only play on monday huh
will hopefully be up tonight if brandons home
hows this brandon person not been home for 3 days...does he have a home?
lmao hes at his dads i think
Ahh ok
just bc sheer curiosity in the case brandon is one guy that offered to host , and not a dedicated server company or something like that?
And now just because u said that maybe tonight comes back i will check in five minutes interval xD!
hes akumazoku i keep saying his name by habit
Okay i get it now , and i will stop sending messages here cause i guess this topic isnt supposed to be a online chat.
Its back guys , just sad can only play few minutes before sleep to work tomorrow
Talk about bad luck , just because is my day off the game is off too
whats up with the game?
Put the game back up ffs
Waiting for BWWA to revive like :c
Yo who ever the owner pf this game is, come off the bs. This game could be so damn good you have no idea. I rather it more than Bleach las noches. Do some updates and add more zans. Take off exp booster to, i mean for fuck sake you got niggas who are lvl 15k. Make it more balanced i think this is a huge flaw in this game. Put a lvl cap id say 1k is enough.
The game is coming back up tomorrow with fresh new updates
can we get update log on what was updated?
Ok Zargos i am making a solution to this unfair gaming environment implemented within this game and players who are p2w. Fuck jafiz he's a major p2w player and don't make him get in your ear and tell you not to change this shit. A level cap must be implemented and i say that level cap must be 1k. Bronze membership= 70 ep when u start it then decreases to 5 ep every 10 levels, 10% rare item, 2x exp. Bronze sub is 8$. silver sub= 100 ep decreased to 30 ep every 10 levels, 30% chance of rare item, 2x exp 100k money.Silver sub 15 dollars. Gold sub= 200 ep when you start decreased to 50 ep every 10 levels, 100 percent chance rare item, 2x exp 300k money, born with zanpacto of you choice but you can only use this once. Gold membership is 35 dollars. This is a great solution in my opinion zargos because it is a problem when people who play to win get to level 15k no problem and you cant do any damage to them. Another thing is fuses are to broken also, that needs to be removed. The game is a good game only when you can actually fight someone. After you get to level 600 if you don't have exp booster it can be difficult to level up so make it easier especially for new players. i think you can make good money off of my idea just look at how sasuna from nff turned nff around even he said hes making more business now and he removed edits from his game. When sasuna took over that's when nff was at its highest peak because there was no more edits because of the unfair environment. Same is happening in this game and a'lot of people agree with me but they are to afraid to talk and they also said its been said already but you wont listen. I believe when you implement this in your game you will attract more player and most people will get silver and bronze sub making this game profitable for you. i am not sure how much of the percentage of the game is p2p now but i can assure you with my idea 80 percent will buy the subs. But it will still be balanced for those who do not buy it due to the level cap. You cant have people running around with level 8k especially when they are
Rb pluss the fuses that is fucked up and it is to op and fucken broken. Also for shinigami when your picking your zanpacto you cannot see fujimaru or lightning zan on the list so fix that for the gold membership so the can choose it if they wish. Zargos i hope you hear me out this needs to stop.
is the game down? it says its online and keeps saying connection dead
In response to Ultimate27
This is a very terrible Idea, 1. What will happen to those who already bought dp, you can't just take It away and not return it. 2. Nobody will buy that shitty sub Idea, the point of buying dp is to get broken. No game on byond has made profit from the sub system, nothing needs to stop. Before you fill this place with your rants on dp please consider the other point of view and don't post in rage.(P.S.) Jaffizz hasn't used fuse or dp for a while.
So I'm like supposed to ban appeal, Matias got salty cuz I rekt him in pvp, so I called him nigga in party say without knowing it was against rules den he ban me. :)
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