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First. Hai.
is NNG gonna be comming back online?
I Would like to speak with you add my msn [email protected]
Yo niti its me Tai and 2nd dont forget to add my idea bout cs
sauke you can eter at naruto next evolution?
hello niti >.> skorpi say, can u give me your skype ? C: mine is skorpis4
hi niti can u plz unban me im mindara Uchiha
hey brother niti can u give me a white shirt on naruto next evolution and bandages please
yo can u guys plz inform the gamers of how close the update is.
I cant wait and its boring atm as noone is playing until wipe
sasuke can i be an iconner for ur game.... u said i could but i never got it
yo wen severe come back on i think i earned it can i be hokage i trained suuuuper hard plzzzzzz oh an im chuunin
add me to friends need to tell you something byond
add me to friends need to tell you something byond
Hi Niti i've spent the last couple of weeks looking to get hold of you but i've been unsuccessful, I need to ask about goku678, he recently swore a gm on naruto evolution, which got him banned, BANNING ME AS WELL. now i've been unable to get on your game for a while, only every now and then i am able to join, now i would like to kindly request that the ban be lifted please, im really wanting to start playing the game naruto evolution, i hope you can see this is not an attempt to cause trouble or lie to you. But as long as me and my brothers IP's are being banned im unable to play.

Thank you
hey i loged onto your sever in naruto advantures for the first time and i was insintly banned
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