I'm wondering if anyone has encountered issues with sounds not playing after disconnecting and reconnecting with a game.

I'm having this problem with ASCII. It never happens on a local game - I have to be hosting a server, join the game, disconnect, and then connect again. Doing this seems to cause the sounds to stop working. Music will still play...

Here is my custom sound proc:

if(snd == 'shoot.wav')
snd = pick('shoot.wav','shootB.wav','shootC.wav')
for(var/inc = 1 to 3)
mylist = teams[inc]
for(M in mylist)
var/dist = get_dist(M,location)
if(dist < 50)
M << sound(snd,0,0,channel, (100 - dist*2) * (M.soundvolume/100))
for(var/inc = 1 to 3)
mylist = teams[inc]
for(M in mylist)
M << sound(snd,0,0,channel,M.soundvolume)

The proc loops through three lists which keep track of players - blue team, green team, and spectators. I am positive that the lists are being properly maintained, and the only way I can cause the sounds to stop is by reconnecting to the game.

Anyone have ideas on this? I don't even know if anyone else has encountered this bug (not that many people have played on the server anyway :P) I'm pretty sure it's not a problem with M.soundvolume because you can set that via menus.