Stark Realities - Alpha

by Ease
Roleplaying Game focused on powered-exoskeletons.
With a strong influence from the Iron Man series, Stark Realities focuses on allowing players to build a great variety of powered-exoskeletons.

Currently only the single-player introductory level is available.

Multiplayer world still in development, with planned features:
  • Vast array of extremely different suit pieces and weaponry
  • Balanced player-versus-player-orientated quests. The quest system will largely involve using other players in place of overly-sophisticated A.Is
  • Interesting and vast player-versus-environment quests
  • Player-owned buildings. Construct your own mansion or laboratory to aid you in advancing your technology
  • "Living" and constantly changing economic market, tied in with server-wide PvP quests.

This game is currently in an Alpha stage. As such there is not a great amount of available armour/weapons. The crafting system is also very basic, but has immediate plans for improvement. This release is planned only as a taster of things to come, and is not a finished product.

  • Nestle in to the anvil and furnace before pressing Spacebar to craft.
  • Iron Greaves will help negate how much wearing armour slows you down.
Best of luck (:
I played this game and love the concept! It's well executed and quite fun! I hope that you are still working on this and that it will be released sometime in the near future, as I will be a regular player :)

Keep up the good work!
kinda got nothing much yet