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Well, payment passed xD
Indeed, can you add this account as a layout manager and remove the other?
Contact away, we have already added each other on the pager.
dude nice page :)
@Valo thank you =3

@Slic3y alright ill see what i can do =3
OK, dude you have arena game hub rights :).
Thank you! i was starting to wonder if you got my message at all. lol. =3
added yo as layout manager make my css shine
Yo my fault, cancel the first transaction. I didn't get the money. Send to "[email protected]"instead. Lowercase M.
The First transaction? It was sent over a week ago. I Can't just "Cancel" a payment like that. I Could request a refund but i doubt Paypal would believe me.
The money status is "unclaimed". You can easily cancel the transaction at that status. Why wouldn't paypal believe you? They cant make money of "unclaimed" money. I have to receive the money for them to deduct their share.
*Is now a Follower*
Cause it sent it as a "Gift" seeing as it was a relatively small amount. So it didn't need to be claimed, it was received instantly.
then refund it. no ones gonna fight you. the money was sent to a fake account. i don't get why i have to do doing so much thinking for you. just do what you can do to make sure the money goes where it should go.
if you would have given me a valid answer upon me asking you if you received the money the first time none of this would have happened.
D-Cire, stop being difficult and just get the refund and pay him. You're being incredibly immature and ruining a name for yourself.
Shall i show you the receipt of the payment like ive had to show others already?

EDIT: It was was 20$ according to my logs seeing as i never received the finished project.
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