by D-Cire
A Semi-Strategic Game, How long can you last?
Dodge the Canon balls as they fly at you, How long can you go until you run out of breath?
An error started popping up and a canon ball got stuck near the bottom. Game shut down.
Score thing messed up, Im at 2mins and 18 seconds but. and Timmy has only 4 seconds yet hes first, and he doesnt even have one minute medal! Gaining does so maybe he surpassed me but it doesnt show..
@Ganing got the same error and game client got shut down, may I ask why this game is even playable it's by far the worst
thing i've ever played. Atleast add animation to the icons jesus!
Im not an artist, as for the game it was made about 3 years ago when i first started working with BYOND, i don't even have the source for it, i just found the host files in an old e-mail.