Fog of War

by Forum_account
Fog of War
A library to create an RTS-style "fog of war" effect.
The library uses image objects to create fog of war for clients. The map is covered with blackness that disappears as the player explores. Tiles within a certain range are completely visible, but previously explored tiles fade to gray when they're out of your range.

Multiple mobs can contribute to a client's sight so this is all set to include in an RTS game.

To use the library, here's all you have to do:

// initialize fog of war for the client
client.fog = new(client)

// define the mob's sight range and tell the library that this
// mob's sight contributes towards its client's visibility
fog_sight = new(src, client, 2)
Is there a way that you can only set this to a certain area if you dont want every map to have fog on it?
In response to ImmeasurableHate
When you initialize the FogClient object you can pass it a z level to create fog for:

client.fog = new(client)

That'll make the fog only on the first z level.
ahh thanks.
Why cant i change mob icon_state once i use fog