Naruto: Eternal Memories

by Eternal_Memories
Naruto: Eternal Memories
Join various worlds in a battle between the evil and the good!
Respect Eternal.
Naruto: Eternal Memories is back!
Best game I ever played hope to keep playing it in the future
I've been playing game awhile and it can be a bit drama filled but for the most part, were N:EM family. I recommend this game for those who like a challenge in side scrollers but want the authenticity of unique characters
Sometimes Eternal proves you wrong in terms of updates. NEM was down for a while.I just go on and see all these new amazing updates.It's surprising how far NEM has gotten in terms of updates. Eternal has been putting lots of time and effort on these new updates, so far he's been doing an amazing job. Gotta love missions :)
A tough day. Many hours spent studying, learning, speaking.. The list goes on and on. N:EM has been a saving grace. It's something to look forward at the end of the day, something to relieve the stress after a long, busy day. But why is a simple BYOND game so praiseworthy?

The quality of coding for one, has really impressed me. EM has done and is continuing to do a fantastic job with each update, making sure it's polished and, if not, actually informing us that there will be bugs clearly, in a big bold font.

The updates are all creative and bring a new dimension to what many call a simple sidescroller. For example, the latest update (5.10) includes missions against NPCs. No BYOND sidescroller I've seen has ever done something so complex - and EM is planning on adding more, complete with a chance of random encounters that I'm sure requires a lot of time and effort on his part (Shout out to the coolest Owner BYOND has ever seen - THANK YOU ETERNAL_MEMORIES)

The dedication of the staff is also a big point. Sure they might not be on all the time, and sometimes they can be a little abusive, but it's mostly for the benefits of the players and for that, I give my respect.

Lastly, the community. I've made friends playing games online, but the N:EM community is different. I can't really put it into words, but they are really close-knit and I can see the genuineness in them, whether they're having a great day or going through a tough time in their life. It allows me to really connect and it enhances the experience of the game. After all, what would a game be without the players?

NEM is fun cuz you get tew play and DO stuff on it, plus every hot girl there is my girlfriend who I have saucy sex with every night for hours with my 18 foot dong, that is why NEM BEST GAME EBER.
NEM is and will always be the best sidescroller on byond. A lot of games have attempted to steal the source but not one of them could compete with NEM. On a stressful day, NEM is the answer. It is always active 24/7. I have been on NEM at like 3 am in the morning and there were still tons of people on. It is fun yet challenging. This game has so much potential but it needs YOU GUYS who are reading this to come and play! Join now!
hey brign this game back on plz...i was the best fighter on here....i own alot of noobs,vets,and all the owners and membership people...i own them with pein the most,and Kabs and the guy with exploding hands plz bring it back so i can OWN again...ty
Eternal Fighters is a fun game with good memories, especially trash talking, but the lag is what ruins the fun. Maybe something to make it have less delays like removing some characters no one really uses regularly.
I miss this game...
Hello everyone,

I am gonna start working on a Naruto Evolution based game and revive it within the next week. If anyone is still interested in playing please add me.
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