Bleach: New Era

by Sstrunks9999
A Bleach Fan-Game
Important notes below
2/12 Fixed my BSOD, so now I will continue my work on this project -Adlofs-

This is a bleach fan-game.
This game was thought of by -Aisu- and created by -Aisu-

In this Bleach universe, you can do the following things

Start out as a Human, then going to become a Shinigami, to do what you want.

Start out as a Human, then become a Hollow(Playable but not finished.)

Start out as a Human, train on logs, to kill monsters...

The Developers are below.

Aisu/Adlofs - Programmer,Owner,Hub maker, Hub designer, Forum manager, Pixel Artist(Bases,walls,floors)

Jamel- Programmer

Elochai - Dead

Niti/SasukeHawk - Iconner

Niro/Niro1 - Iconner

Haruka/Kboy33 - Iconner

Special thanks to Tite Kubo, for making Bleach!
Type your suggestions here for now.
I suggest you fix your coding because you cant get off the loging screen
Hmm? Click create first. Then do everything a little bit slower. That'll fix it.
Playing solo seems broken, keeping Live up until admin sees this.
marine its me sarukami of or shall i say was captain of squad 6 but umm make me an admin with all verbs ok please and mark tooo