Rugg wrote:
Bring back guilds and sections.

Yeah, working backwards is how to get stuff done! </sarcasm>
Love the update and would like to see it go into action. When I saw that you're upping the prices of membership, it leaves me with a deep sigh that I can't be generous on giving membership away like I used to. =<

What I like to see, no...NEED to see is HUB being customizable with CSS. That would make presentation of games very flexible and members would get a major benefit almost like having a website specifically for that game.

Keep rocking. I will see if I can contribute to byond in the future.
I liked guilds. What the hell am I supposed to read now, the dev forums? These hub forums don't garner as much appeal to me.
Community forum.
Not as exploitable and exciting.
something like maptext_pixelx and maptext_pixely would also help out. Would lessen the need for overlays. In fact then, map text might be a way to replace overlay use extensively :D (regarding embedded images in particular)

[EDIT] also wondering, map text is processed client-side, right? Therefore if you say, offload all of your overlays onto a remote address, will they still be downloaded into the server's dynamic rsc if embedded?

[EDIT2] And the icing on the cake would of course be a way to rotate and/or scale the map text :P
Metamorphman wrote:
And the icing on the cake would of course be a way to rotate and/or scale the map text :P

Can't you already increase the font size using html for scaling?
You can put the \icon macro in maptext to display an icon. Seems awkward to me.
Kaiochao wrote:
You can put the \icon macro in maptext to display an icon. Seems awkward to me.

How is that awkward?

Maybe this is a nice idea.
Complex Robot wrote:
Can't you already increase the font size using html for scaling?

Can't do anything for images. Or maybe I'm doing it wrong. :p
You have went from a one-year membership which on 06' was around...6 bucks? It was extremely cheap, hard to remember the -exact- price, but it was very low. Now, you suddenly increase the pricing by four-times, for what? What are you giving to the players? We're the one's who're molding the things you've handed us.

You should atleast consider those who have contributed to "Byond" itself, and the actual appeal to get a free membership, or something. It'll give people more initiative to work on projects.
Memberships were never 6 dollars, as far as I remember.
They were always $15, I think.
I believe it was like this:

2006+ $15
2009+ $18
2012+ $24

Been quite a steady rise really and with the worlds prices going up slowly but surely it is kind of fitting to match.
Alright, yeah. Thank you, like I was hard to remember.
Anywho, what's the point of the increase? Byond itself is providing the tools, and I give a gracious hand of applause...but I feel like byond isn't necessarily "giving" us anything in return (Byond Members).

You're simply now limiting the free-player options, and putting them into membership only. Nothing new, I've used the latest features. I can easily link a forum page, and have my own personal area free of cost. Another issue I have is that "hubs" are now limited. Originally, anyone could make one...and now only memberships can...again they limited the free-players. What are you truly offering? Instead of raising the costs of the things we used to have, and forcing us to buy them if we want them back? Childs play to me.

I mean, this is just an opinion...but I have yet to see some material that could be really worth the costs, rather than just pricing the things I once had access to as a free member. Enlighten me.

Teka, it's a opinion on economics actually. They believe that "Raising" prices will fit the supply amount(Supply and Demand). However, poverty is becoming a large thing in certain areas now. So the money increase can be both a negative, and a positive thing.
So, you want everything free...want Tom and Lummy to die of hunger, and let BYOND die?

This isn't just about limiting free players. This is about giving a reason to buy memberships. BYOND is funded by memberships, and donations. If everything is given away for free, BYOND earns no money, then, BYOND dies. BYOND needs more money, that's just it.

If you want everything free back, think of a way to make BYOND enough money to survive, and Tom would gladly give everyone everything for free.
Yes SSX makes a very good point.

Instead of talking about the prices are too high, please put them back down so that Byond shut's down.

Could you suggest a possible way that Byond could easily implement to make more money, but give more to the members :)?
Did I ever say that?
I expect them to make revenue, but price it at a likely range based on what they can distribute and what they cannot. They originally had a set distribution in 06' from what I saw, and when I joined.

There was the 15 dollar price for the package on what we could do as a member, but there was also the free things for those who could not pay.
Now, as we progressed through the years from 06' to 12' we have a raised price, took the free features to make them limited, as well as adding a few neat little perks.

A nine dollar raise in taking out free accessibility, and limiting those whom don't pay.
Now, I don't have a problem with making money...I have an issue with those whom aren't smart about it.
They offered all of their tools to make games, but they are simply limiting a "hub" and a few extra things for 24 dollars in a year. I get -more- from a 5 dollar membership in 08' with runescape. Lmao. They gave MUCH more for the 60/Year then byond does with the 24/year. I'm simply consulting the logic, not wanting things free.

Mind you, if you narrow it down....

The difference between runescapes old pricing, and Byonds new pricing a month is simply a minor 3 dollars. It's not much of a difference.
Please stop going over that point, even i'll agree it's not nice that the price has gone up lol, but i love Byond enough to understand that this is it's Only way of surviving.

The Fact is Tom and Byond does not know a better solution to this, Please help us find an idea that would better suit Byond then, A suggestion which could give more back to the players but still make it so Byond can gain more money please :)
Solution: Turn BYOND into an escort service. Members get 30% off on all purchases.
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