Bleach: After-Life

by Heyya46
Bleach: After-Life
Now being remade with passive skills and skill trees!
Its been a while since I've given you guys a update on Bleach: Afterlife. So far, the game is getting into shape and I've managed to get Abhinav back on the project. I've thought about including a Zanpakuto customization system with customizable hilt colors, blade lengths, and Bankai names. I've also though about making unlockable Zanpakuto parts like various colors for the hilts and lengths for the blades unlocked when you reach a certain goal instead of just giving you everything right off the bat.(I'll need feedback for that.)I've also begun including some of the tracks from the Bleach OST.(Another thing I'll need feedback on.) Anyway here are some screenshots of BAL:

The Edit System(Limited at the moment):

Hitsugaya's Bankai:

The Passive System(credits to NFF for inspiring it, I'll make a window for its display in the final game.):

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Looks like a to do list rather than a progress report.
D: Mostly I needed feedback on the ideas floating around in my head.
agree with Yusuke